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Unigraphics Import
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Unigraphics Import

The Import Unigraphics function reads in freeform solid and surface 3D geometry directly from UnigraphicsÒ  (*.PRT) files. The translator allows filtering based on layer display status and entity blanked status. (Unigraphics is a registered trademark of Unigraphics Solutions Corporation.) 

Supported Versions:

Translator Specifications

NOTE: KeyCreator includes the capability to import and export the Parasolid™ (.x_t) file format which is a native model format for Unigraphics, SolidEdgeÒ, SolidWorksÒ and other CAD/CAM systems. This format is an effective mechanism to send model data back into Unigraphics.


  • RGB color attributes of the Unigraphics entities are translated.
  • Option to import ALL or just the visible layers.
  • Option to import blanked/hidden entities from the imported layers.
  • Progress dialog with details of the Unigraphics file version, file type and information about layers and category of the entities in the file.
  • Support for point entity translation.
  • Support for assemblies.

To view dialog options or steps on how to import an Unigraphics file, click the appropriate link below: