Convert to KC Detail
KeyCreator \ Detail \ Symbol \ Convert to KC Detail

Location: Detail>Symbol>Convert from ADM

Use this function to manually convert ADM symbols that were not converted during the transition from *.PRT to *.CKD. This allows you to manually verify that the converted symbol matches what was displayed on the drawing.

When a CADKEY *.PRT file containing DRAFT-PAK or ADM detailing symbols is opened or imported, a warning dialog is presented. Selecting YES from the dialog will convert the symbol to the new native entity type using the symbol's stored data. This is the same data that is used when the DRAFT-PAK or ADM Edit or Move function is used on the symbol.

However, some edits may have been made to the symbols using the regular CADKEY editing tools, such as Detail>Change>Edit Text. These changes are not represented in the stored data, and are discarded by the Edit and Move functions as a result. The changes are also discarded during their conversion to the new entity type in the CKD format. When NO is selected from the dialog, the symbols will remain in their current form, with the geometry and stored data intact. These symbols will not be stored as their native entity types, and can not be edited using the advanced editing capabilities of the native symbols. They can, however, be edited using the generic editing commands.

For more information, see the File>Open segment on converting *.PRT files to the current *.CKD format.