Smooth Faces
KeyCreator \ Modify \ Solid-Face \ Smooth-Faces

Location: Modify>Solid Face>Smooth Faces

This function allows you to adjust the edge boundaries between adjacent faces to be either G1 tangent or G2 curvature.

Using the Function:

  1. Open a model.

  2. click Modify>Solid Face> Smooth Face.

  3. The Smooth Face Edges selection appears, choose which method will be used to modify the faces

  4. Click the desired edges on the model and press Done when all edges are selected. The Smooth Face Options dialog appears.

  5. Make the desired adjustments to help visualize the changes made using the Deform Face Options.

  6. When Complete press accept and changes will be applied to the model. When finished choose the esc button.

As you select points on the face a DynaHandle will appear . Choose the appropriate directional DynaHandle and adjust as necessary. Right clicking on a highlighted DynaHandle brings up a context menu with more options to manipulate the point.