Cutting Plane
KeyCreator \ View \ Cutting-Plane \ Cutting-Plane

Location: View>Cutting Plane

Use this function to create and manipulate cutting planes dynamically. You define cutting planes using the Conversation Bar shown below. This contains buttons for standard plane definitions and the world coordinate system (XY, XZ and YZ). Use the 2 Auto or 3 Auto buttons to create automatically two cutting planes or three cutting planes automatically. To change the planes color representation use File>Properties>Display Colors>Cutting Plane/ Section.

NOTE: Note: You can create a cutting plane only in model mode.

You can also control the positioning and orientation using the DynaHandle object which is attached to the center of the plane.


If you click the Trim button on the Conversation Bar, the following dialog appears, which allows you to:

  • Specify either a trim, break or none. None allows you to create an intersection of curves and section hatches without trimming or breaking solids.

  • Create lines and curves at the intersection of solids and cutting plane. Choosing Intersecting Curves will enable the level options.

  • Create hatch at the intersection of solids and cutting plane. In the hatch option you can select pattern, angle, spacing or offset. Choosing Hatch will enable the level options.

  • Level Options allow Intersecting curves/hatching to be placed on the active level or the level of sectioned solid.