Quick Save
KeyCreator \ File \ Quick-Save

Location: File>Quick Save

This function eliminates several procedures that occur in the other save functions available in KeyCreator, quickening save time dramatically. When Quick Save is used, the file is saved without first searching for streams containing ACIS data for solids that no longer exist, and without consolidating the *.CKD file. These procedures do not affect the accuracy of the date being saved.

NOTE: Use of this function will result in larger files on disk, as solids that are usually deleted remain in the file, and because unused space in the *.CKD file is not being reclaimed. This unused space, however, can be used for subsequent saves, causing those operations to be processed more quickly.


Using the Function:

  1. Select Quick Save from the File Menu. The Save As dialog appears.


  1. To save the file under another name, enter the new file name in the File Name box. The most recently saved version of the file retains the file name you had previously saved it under.

  2. To save the file to a different directory or drive, select that drive or directory.

  3. Click OK. If a file already exists with the same name in the same drive and directory, you are prompted to replace the existing file or not. Choose YES to replace the existing file. If you choose NO, you return to the Save As dialog box to enter a different file name.