Set Solid Facet Refinement
KeyCreator \ Tools \ Maintenance \ Set-Solid-Facet-Refinement

Tools>Set Solid Facet Refinement

Use this function to set different facet tolerances for each solid/sheet in a part. The tolerances are saved and restored in the part. By default, the entities in the part are faceted based on the global tolerance settings specified under File>Properties> Units/Tolerances.

  1. Select Set Solid Facet Refinement from the Tools Menu.

  2. The Set Solid Facet Tolerances dialog appears (see below). Configure the dialog and click OK.

  3. Select the solids/sheet bodies to apply the new solid facet tolerances to.

Dialog Options:

The following options are available from the Set Solid Facet Tolerances dialog. For more information on these options, see File>Properties.

Normal Deviation

Specify a value for the normal deviation tolerance.

Specify Maximum Edge Length

When checked, you can specify a value for the maximum edge length.

Set Values to Match Part’s Facet Tolerances

Select this button option to match the above settings with the facet tolerances in the part.