Draft Angle
KeyCreator \ Verify \ Draft-Angle

Location: Tools>Verify>Draft Angle

Use this function to verify whether or not a face can be extracted from a mold, based on a draft angle and vector. Extractable faces will be shaded for easy recognition when set to one of the render modes (View>Render>Shaded modes.)


 NOTE: Ambiguous faces have both positive and negative draft with respect to the pull direction.

Using the Function:

  1. Use View>Construction Plane to set pull direction. The pull direction is in the Z direction of the construction plane.

  2. Select Draft Angle from the Tools>Verify submenu.

  3. Select one or more faces to verify.

  4. The Verify Draft Angles dialog appears (see below). Configure the dialog options and click OK.

  5. The selected faces are colored based on their draft values.

  6. For a basic pass fail analysis (red means fail, blue means pass) set all colors to 0 and hit apply after you have chosen the solids/shells.

Dialog Options:

Disable gradient

If you do not need to see the draft colors but still want to have the tool tip draft show, check this on and the shading will be disabled.

Extraction Analysis

This option will confirm extraction direction (uses current Cplane z direction) not draft angle and makes it easy to visualize undercuts in a mold design.


Once the degree values and color scheme has been set you can use Save Config for use in later sessions.  

Face Color-Degree settings

Pair each degree input with a desired color to project onto faces. The drop down color pallet gives you custom color options for each set. Use Apply to see changes made, once complete choose OK to see Draft Angle results. Remove will delete the custom configuration and cancel will abort the Draft Angle session.