KeyCreator \ Edit \ System-Settings \ Pre-Selection


Location: Edit>System Settings>Pre-Selection

This feature allows you to toggle use of the Pre-Selection function.

When the program is at the root (not in any leaf function), then a toggle selection mode is active, just like at the root of the Universal Selection Menu. Entities will highlight as the mouse moves over them (subject to the normal "dynamic selection settings"), clicking on an entity will select it (or unselect it if it's already selected), and dragging a window around entities will toggle entities within the window. The selection toggle will be available as usual. When there are entities selected in the root selection list, the conversation bar will display a prompt with the number of entities currently selected, and a "Clear" button. Pressing the clear button will deselect all entities. Changing the active part will also deselect all entities.

When there are entities in the root selection list, then the Universal Selection Menu will automatically use those entities instead of prompting the user. For example, window selecting a group of entities and then starting the delete function will immediately delete those entities without any further user interaction needed. The change attributes function will immediately change the attributes of the entities when the OK button is pressed in the attributes dialog. The XForm Delta Move function will immediately proceed to the delta prompt.

The root selection does not use any form of masking to restrict the selection (other than user-specified masks). It allows selection of part reference entities, edges of solids, etc. As such, not all entities selected will be appropriate for all functions. For functions that only allow selecting the parent entity, such as Delete or Change Attributes, this will be handled automatically. If there are entities that aren't allowed by the function, and no parent can be found that is allowed for the function, then an information dialog will be displayed telling the user how many entities were excluded.

NOTE: The automatic highlighting portion can be temporarily disabled while leaving the capabilities active by pressing the CTRL key.