Shell from Solid
KeyCreator \ Tools \ Extract \ Shell-from-Solid

Location: Tools>Extract>Shell from Solid

Use this function to create a shell entity from the selected solids or sheet bodies. The shell entity is composed of polygon data that is generated based on the existing facets of the selection. (If no facets exist on the selection, they are faceted at the tolerance specified in File>Properties>Units/Tolerances.) The function allows you to create a lightweight entity that you can use for display and basic transformation operations. You may also select solids in part references in an assembly from which to extract shells.

The shell entity is created in the attribute of the solid. It is added to the level of the solid that was selected. If a solid in a part reference is selected, it is created on the level of the solid’s part reference in the assembly part.

Using the Function

  1. Open a model.

  2. Click Tools>Extract>Shell from Solid.

  3. Select one or more solids, sheet bodies or part references containing solids.

  4. Click the Accept button. Shell entities are created for each of the selections.