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Select the Compare Parts button to run a compare on 2 models. This will run 4 tests (Analyze, Mass Properties, Geometry, Topology).  If you select the function and receive this message 'This functionality is not available in the current product level.' your license does not support the use of the function and an upgrade would be required 'Please contact Kubotek USA, Inc. at 800-372-3872 for upgrade information'. In most cases before you run the Compare function you will need to set the Configuration Options , the Secondary Option and Report Options  (which ever apply) for the desired output of the Compare Parts. These settings set the general scope of the comparison (along with what options where set while choosing the files in the below File Selection.)

Using this function

  • Left click on the Compare>Compare Parts  and open the two files you intend to run the comparison on using the File selection dialog:

Select From Currently Loaded Parts:

If files to be compared are currently loaded (File>Open) click this button to choose from the file list of currently loaded files. If the Was and Is ordering is not correct it can be reversed using the Swap files button. Files will appear in the drop down for Was/Is in the order they where opened. Imported files into a newly created file (File>New) will need to be  saved (file>Save/Save As) closed and reopened to appear in the list. Once selected choose OK or Cancel to open files using other options in the File Selection dialog.

Is Filename:

Click on the ... and navigate to the most recent iteration file and choose Open when complete (Options become available when choosing a file type that has available Option Settings.) Use the Options setting to read in only data that is relevant to the comparison (typically the data that is relevant to manufacturing and has been copied from the Was file.)

Was Filename:

Click on the ... and navigate to the file to compare and choose Open when complete (again Options become available when choosing a file type that has available Option Settings.)

Options File:

Click on the ... to load any saved Options files (Compare>Save Options for custom Configuration Options , Secondary Options, Report Options) Once complete choosing OK will run the Compare.

Swap Files:

If the Was/Is order is not correct click this button to switch the Was/Is order for selected files.


  • Once the files are populated choose OK to run the Comparison. Results can then be reviewed using the various Compare features.