Phong Shaded
KeyCreator \ View \ Render \ Phong-Shaded

Location: View>Render>Phong Shaded.

ToolTip: Render Phong

The Phong Shaded function sets the render mode to Phong mode. The Phong render mode displays 3D bodies (solids, surfaces, and shells) with a colored, shaded representation and smooth finish. In this mode bodies will obscure any entity or portion of entity that is behind it when the model is viewed from a particular orientation. Phong is one of the three shaded render modes (Flat, Gouraud, Phong) which use color shading of the faces of the body.

Phong mode produces highlights which are less dependent on the facets of the bodies than Gouraud. However, more calculations are required, involving the interpolation of the surface normal and the evaluation of the intensity function for each pixel.