Maximum Distance
KeyCreator \ Verify \ Distance \ Maximum-Distance

Location: Tools>Verify>Distance>Maximum Distance

Use this feature to determine the maximum distance between any combination of two bodies, faces, planes, curves and/or positions.  From the From and To drop-down menus, you are able to specify what to measure from and to, respectively.  A position can be defined using the Position Menu. After selection the Verify dialog shows the Projected and Actual maximum distance results. As with minimum distance the calculator input field allows you to save the @value as a variable that can be used in other input functions in KeyCreator (example: actual max distance of DZ is given as 8.9 and assigned @11, in calculator field type in a variable name like actual=@11. You can now create a point for example using keyin and for the Z value type in actual and 8.9 will appear in the entry field.)  Choose next to verify other maximum distances or Close to end session. The conversation bar will prompt 'select accept to save temporary entities' or if not needed Esc or backup to repeat the process.