Dynamic Move
KeyCreator \ Transform \ Dynamic

Transform>Dynamic Move

This function attaches a temporary full DynaHandle object to the selected entities. Moving the DynaHandle moves the selected entities. Interaction with the handle is dynamic, which allows cursor dragging of the entities to a new location. Movement is locked to one axis at a time based on what part of the DynaHandle is selected.

The DynaHandle is placed at a base position selected by the user. Choosing the skip option during command prompt for base position will set the base at the center of gravity  of any solids chosen (when multiple solids are picked it will choose the combined center of gravity as base position. )The default orientation of the DynaHandle matches  World Coordinates or the active C-Plane depending on the status of the CPlane/World (CPL/WLD) system setting.

Using this Function:

  1. Select Transform>Dynamic Move and pick entities to transform using the conversation bars selection menu. Choose Accept when done

  2. Choose the transform base position or skip to select center of gravity of solid/solids. Choose Accept when done.

  3. You are now in the Dynahandle transform mode. 

  4. Highlighting the dynahandle arrows shows the given tooltip information for that arrow and is editable or right click on an arrow brings up the context menu for the given arrow.

  5. Once the transform is complete choose Accept to exit function or backup to repeat process.