Examine View
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Location: View>Examine View Window

This compare function uses a common view window between two files, overlapping the 'Was' and 'IS' files and synchronizes the view window between the two files. As you move within the Examine View Window using the View options the 'Was' and 'Is' files will follow that view.

Using the Function:

Before selecting the Examine View Window from the View Menu, the files to be compared must be defined using the Compare Parts function.

Use the Compare>Compare parts, to load the two files being compared (the 'Was' and 'Is' files.) Once loaded the View>Examine View Window will be selectable. Once opened the Examine View will show both parts superimposed for easy differential  visualization. The standard view options are used to control the Examine View (Zoom, Rotate...) Examine View is a useful tool to visually discover design changes or differences between to files.


Synchronize: Enables the follow Examine View Window for the 'Was' and 'Is' files.

Draw Border: Places a border around objects being viewed.

Settings: The Zoom settings customize the border attributes.