Dynamic Face
KeyCreator \ Modify \ Dynamic-Face

Location: Modify>Dynamic Face

This function attaches a temporary full DynaHandle object to the selected faces. Moving the DynaHandle moves the selected faces. Interaction with the handle is dynamic, which allows cursor dragging of the entities to a new location. Movement is locked to one axis at a time based on what part of the DynaHandle is selected.

The DynaHandle is placed at a base position in relation to the center of faces picked. The default orientation of the DynaHandle matches  World Coordinates or the active C-Plane depending on the status of the CPlane/World (CPL/WLD) system setting.

Using this Function:

Choose Modify>Dynamic Face and from the conversation bar selection menu and choose the faces you wish to modify. Once selected the DynaHandle appears which you can click on the appropriate axis and dynamically move. Once in the DynaHandle mode you can modify the original selection (add, remove, invert the movement of faces or even make copies going forward.) Once completed choose accept and the faces are modified. The modify modes for this function are accessed by the right click menu once the DynaHandle is active. for in depth overview see the Dynamic Face Overview and DynaHandle. The below example depicts a typical  extrude with draft angle: