Dynamic Array
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Location: Transform>Dynamic Array

Use this function to animate the display when copying entities in a specified pattern for optimal visualization and control during the copy routine.

Using the function:

Use the Options menu to configure the desired behavior for the dynamic array to be performed. Note the Type options check boxes which need to be checked on for the type of array being used and for the options to be input.

Note: Unchecking the Number of copies will allow for command line entry of number of copies which will then be retained in the Number of copies field. The exception is the Position option which does not utilize the Number of copies to carry out the array but does provide a continuous until done option.

  1. The command line options for picking entities to transform appears. After selection choose Accept and enter number of copies if not specified in Options or using the Position option.

  2. Choose the array type linear, angular...  and choose Accept.  

  3. The command line prompt to move handle to indicate position and orientation allows use of the DynaHandle to first select new position and once completed choose new orientation. In addition the Options dialogue appears with option settings to modify for the array type if preferred. Choose Accept when done.

  4. During both Position and Orientation choose the Free option to allow for independent manipulation of the DynaHandle for each copy specified otherwise all copies are treated in unison. During both Position and Orientation you will be in Preview mode until the actions are Accepted, at any time during the dynamic process choosing the Copy option will trigger a new set in the array.

  5. Using the Position option for array utilizes the Position selection menu, once the copy position is set (Accepted) you can use the DynaHandle to further define both position and orientation as well as Add/Remove copies from the array.

For an in-depth overview see the Dynamic Transform Overview. Click on the links for step by step examples: Linear Dynamic Array   Angular Dynamic Array  Position Dynamic Array