Check Certification
KeyCreator \ Compare \ Check-Certification

Location: Compare>Check Certification

Use this function to determine if a compare sessions report file is still a certified document. If opened with no error and showing the encrypted certification data, the certification is good. If however opening the file shows checksum errors then the certification has been compromised/altered and fails.

Using this Function:

  1. Run a  compare session and write a report if not yet accomplished for the certification check.

  2. Choose Compare>Check Certification and use the file open dialog to browse for the .kvt session files location. Click Open when located.

  3. The Certification summary will appear in a separate window for your review.

If the validation report has been altered you will receive the following error indicating an invalid certification:

Verify Dialog

Certification Version- Indicates the validation version used to run the session report.

KeyCreator Version- Indicates the exact version used to run the compare session. Above shows the release designation (V11.5.0) and the build number 1744.

File Traceability- This section provides the path to file, file name, part name, part number for both the master/'Was' and Copy/'Is' files used for this report.

Serial Number- This is derived from Configurations option used when the session was run (set in Tools>Options>Analyze Options>Report Options.)

Logo File- This is derived from Configurations option used when the session was run (set in Tools>Options>Analyze Options>Report Options.)

User/Company Name- This information is derived from the Windows login credentials used on the system that ran the compare session.

Time Stamp-??????????????????????

Time- Indicates the time and date the compare session was run.

Report Type- The file extension used for the report of the compare session as set in Report Options.

Export Check- If the Export Control stamp in Report Options was checked on the line reports True, otherwise False indicates the  origin export check was not run in the compare session.

Analyze- The setting used for the compare session analysis in Report Options>Report Control ( Show Difference, Show All, Show Abridged.)

Mass Properties-  When set in Tools>Options>Analyze>Secondary Options will show the selected report control output for mass properties.

Geometry/Topology- A pass fail will be noted when configured to analyze in Secondary Options.

Options Summary- Indicates which items were used (True) and which where not (False) for the analysis in the compare session (set in Analyze Options and Secondary Options at the time the session was run.)