Orient Copy
KeyCreator \ Compare \ Orient-Copy

Location: Compare>Orient Copy

Use this function to move the display orientation of the 'Was' file in relation to the orientation of the 'Is' file.

Using this Function:

  1. Once Is/Was files are loaded and the Compare session has occurred you may wish to inspect results in display for the 2 files but the orientation is off in display for the Was file to the Is file. Use the Compare>Tile Parts to have both files viewable.

  2. Choose Compare>Orient Copy brings up the base position conversation bar. Choose the anchor point to define the orientation and the direction points. Note this is for the highlighted Is file, trying to define in the Was file is not possible. If files are not yet loaded into a session the File Selection dialog will appear prompting for the Is/Was files, select and hit OK.

  3. Next an Indicate New base position conversation bar appears, choose the base position on the Was file to orient to the Is file as well as any direction points.

  4. A remove points used to define copy dialog should pop up, in most cases the points are not of any use so answer yes to remove.

  5. The display for the Was should change so that you can better visualize results.

  6. The Compare>Compare Parts can then be rerun using the new orientation.