Walk All
KeyCreator \ Compare \ Display \ Walk-All

Location: Compare>Display>Walk All

This function works in the same manner as the Show All function but steps through each error/difference pair sequentially (zooming in and highlighting each as you proceed.) The specific entity ID is listed in the conversation bar, use the Difference Results Window Compare tab to find the entity ID and the specific difference result. A Capture can be performed on each display. This function is available once a Compare Parts has been performed. Note that if an IS file entity highlights but there is no corresponding highlight in the WAS file this indicates a non-matched pairing (explained further in the Compare tab.)

Using this Function:

  1. Run or load a compare session.

  2. Configure the display of the Was/Is files for easy viewing ( Compare>Tile Parts for example.)

  3. Choose Compare>Display>Walk All which will then process the display difference results for each sequential entity ID number.

  4. Use the Capture button on the conversation bar to save the displayed difference results if needed.