Capture All
KeyCreator \ Compare \ Display \ Capture-All

Location: Compare>Display>Capture All

After a compare session is performed the display results can be recorded in a series of capture files using Capture All. Since the function is an all inclusive capture be aware that it can produce a large amount of capture files (use only when you need a complete capture report for the compare session), use the other capture methods for more control over what is captured (Compare>Display>Walk All>captures for example.) The Captures are saved within the directory that you save the .htm capture summary file.

Using this Function:

  1. Configure the compare session using the options in Tools Options>Analyze Options/Secondary Options.

  2. Run a compare session on the 'Is'/'Was' pair.

  3. Choose>Display>Capture All and  choose the .htm file to save the capture data into or name a new .htm capture summary file.

  4. The Capture All will then begin processing the captures for the given pair.

  5. Once complete you can review the capture summary file using the Compare>Read Report and choosing the .htm file.