Interactive Animation
KeyCreator \ Tools \ Animation \ Interactive-Animation

Location: Animation>Interactive Animation

Once all aspects of an animation setup are complete an alternative to running the Animation Calculation would be to use the Interactive Animation to initiate movement for a chosen animation body. This function is useful to review isolated movement controlled by a DynaHandle (think of it as a basic kinematic study.) Note that the DynaHandle once applied will become the constraint object and display behavior seen (any bouncing, jitter or other display behavior) is due to active calculation of chosen animation movement. Often this display behavior will settle as the animation calculations resolve themselves. Using this function may require the suppression of competing constraints (right click on constraint and choose Deactivate) as well as unchecking Collides in the Animation tab. In most cases using the Animation Calculation slider after a calculation would be a preferred alternative to using this method.

Using this Function

  1. Setup and configure the animation constraints and constraint solids motion and choose Tools>Animation>Interactive Animation or right click on a constraint in the Animation tab.

  2. Choose the active motion solid (a solid linked to a constraint which has a linear/angular motor and has motion enabled) and a logical point along its motion path to place the interactive DynaHandle.

  3. Decide on either passive movement (select PowOff in conversation bar to simply move by DynaHandle arrow) or assisted movement (choose PowOn to apply any Motor Speed/Strength for a given constraint.) With Power On you will see active movement prior to selecting the DynaHandle arrow.

  4. Choose the appropriate DynaHandle arrow (typically the arrow that runs along the path of motion) by left clicking on it  and drag to position desired or right click and use the context menu to modify position.

  5. Once Motion has been completed choose Esc in conversation bar to end the Interactive Animation session.