Merge Animation Bodies
KeyCreator \ Tools \ Animation \ Merge-Animation-Bodies

Location: Animation>Merge Animation Bodies

Animation Bodies listed in the Animation tab can be linked to one another using this function. Once merged the solids will animate as one unit based on animation constraints applied to any solid in the grouping. Adjustments may need to be made for collision motor speed/strength and any previously set constraints (merging a fixed constraint solid with an active motion constraint solid may prevent motion for example, remove the fixed constraint to correct.) Once merged the second pick solid will become part of the first picked solid and its listing in the Animation Bodies folder will be removed. If you run an Animation Calculation and notice issues with movement you may need to undo the merge and reverse the pick order of solids to correct.

Using this Function

  1. Choose Tools>Animation>Merge Animation Bodies or right click select a solid in the Animation tab and chose Merge.

  2. The conversation bar selection menu prompts for the bodies to merge, first pick the solid that the second or subsequent solids will merge into (the keeper) then pick the solids that will merge into the first selected solid. Once selection is complete press Accept.

  3. To reverse this process use Split Animation Bodies.