Reset Entity Rendering
KeyCreator \ Edit \ Entities \ Reset-Entity-Rendering

Location: Edit>Entities>Reset Entity Rendering

Certain functions such as Draft Angle and Color Faces will temporarily change the facet colors of solids/shells, this function will return the render facets to the solids/shells original  settings.

Using this Function

  1. Display the solids/shells that possesses the temporarily set render faceting and choose Edit>Entities>Reset Entity Rendering.

  2. A conversation bar prompts for the solid/shells to reset, left click highlight  and choose Accept when done.

  3. The conversation bar dialog repeats for more selections, choose Esc to exit.>

  4. The chosen solids/shell should revert to the previously set render properties. To change render or material properties after a reset choose Edit Entity Rendering, Set Material Rendering properties or perform a generic Edit.