Create Quick BOM
KeyCreator \ Tools \ BOM-and-Table \ Create-Quick-BOM

Create Quick BOM

An alternative to using the Create a BOM, this create method will use an existing Table of Notes, (.btb) and Template file, (.btp) to quickly create a BOM for the current .ckd file opened. Once created the BOM will list in the Create a BOM tree for further editing.

Using the Create Quick BOM

  1. Open the .ckd file you want to add a BOM to.

  2. Select Tools\ BOM and Table\ Create Quick BOM.

  3. The Select Template dialog opens, load a preexisting template file and configure options as needed and press OK.

  4. The conversation bar prompts to select items in display to add to the BOM table or to remove (if previously selected simply select again to remove an item). Choose Accept when selection is complete.

  5. The conversation bar prompts for location to place table, placement will be relative to the current Cplane.

  6. Once table is placed if Allow Balloon Placement was enabled, choose the balloon attachment location followed by the balloon position and place balloon. The Create Quick BOM session is complete and is viewable in the Create BOM tree window.

Select Template Dialog


Choose the template file to use in the BOM. Existing template files will have the .btp file extension.

Make Relative-

Will move template file to location of .ckd file.

Minimum Table rows-

Sets a table row count minimum for the BOM table, (o indicates no minimum).

Allow Balloon Placement-

When checked you will be prompted for balloon placement for each item selected and the balloon number will be listed in the BOM table.