Set Not Sectionable
KeyCreator \ Edit \ Entities \ Set-Not-Sectionable

Set Not Sectionable

This Edit function can be used on any Tools\ Feature, Structural Shape or Mechanical Element and will exclude the object from being sectioned in a Layout\ Section View operation.

Using the Function:

  1. From the Edit menu choose Entities\ Set Not Sectionable.

  2. The selection set dialog will prompt for selection of entities to add to the Set Not Sectionable items.

  3. Choose the entities and hit Accept and the entities will not be sectioned in a Layout\ Section View operation.

Other Locations for Set Not Sectionable:

In addition to the above this mode can be set in a Generic Edit\ Rendering and in the Setup Tab of a Tools\ Feature, Fastener or Mechanical Element. Toggle an object as sectionable or not by using the Edit\ Generic Edit\ Rendering tab.  A mouse hover over the object, (may need to hold down shift while hovering) will show a tooltip that an object is currently Not Sectionable: