IGES Export Dialog Options
KeyCreator \ File \ Export \ IGES-Export \ IGES-Export-Dialog-Options

The following settings are available in the IGES Export Options dialog that appears when OPTIONS is selected from the File Save window.

Header Information
  • Author - Enter the author’s name to list in the start and global section of the resulting IGES file.
  • Organization - Enter the company's name to list in the start and global section of the resulting IGES file.
  • Contract Number - Displays the contract number listed in the start section of the IGES file. To enter a contract number, click the check box and type the number in the field.
Export Solids As


  • IGES Manifold Solid B-Rep Objects (IGES Type 186) - This option results in closed solids to be written out as IGES Manifold B-Rep Solids. Sheet Bodies (open solids) will be exploded into individual surfaces and will not remain stitched together
  • IGES Surfaces (Choose IGES Type 144 or IGES Type 143 see  below)- This option is recommended for compatibility with all IGES translators. Solids and sheet bodies are exploded into surfaces and the topology information is lost. The individual surfaces themselves may either be exported as IGES Type 144 Parametric Trimmed Surfaces or IGES Type 143 Bounded Surface Entities.
Export Analytic Surfaces and Procedural Surfaces as B-Spline Surfaces

Use this option when the receiving application requires surfaces to be B-spline surface definitions.

Export Analytic and Procedural Solid/Sheet Body Edge Curves as B-Spline Curves

When checked these edge curves will convert to type 126, and are actually converted to NURBS splines.

Split Periodic Surfaces in Two

When selected (the default), periodic surfaces are split in two prior to export to IGES. (A periodic surface is a closed surface that joins itself smoothly. For example, a spherical surface is periodic in both the U and V directions. A cylinder is periodic in the U direction.) We recommend selecting this check box for better compatibility when exporting to systems such as Mastercam® and CATIA®. Also, this matches the behavior of the IGES Geometry translator in KeyCreator 4.x.

Clearing this check box ensures that periodic surfaces are not split. This matches the behavior of the IGES geometry translator in KeyCreator 5.x. We recommend clearing this check box for round-trip translations and when exporting files to receiving systems that prefer periodic surfaces.

Burst Solids and Sheet Bodies into Free Curves (Wireframe)

Use this option when the receiving application does not support solid/sheet body entity types or if simple geometry is requested.

Export Lines, Arcs and Conics as Splines

When checked these wireframe entities are converted to parametric splines.

Indicate Exported Geometry Base Location

If selected, you are prompted to select the origin for the entities to be exported. If cleared, the default origin (0, 0, 0) is used.

Export Entities Relative to Active Construction Plane

If selected, the entities are transformed so they are relative to the active construction plane.