KeyCreator \ File \ Close

Location: File>Close

Use this feature to close a file.


Using the Function:

  1. Select Close from the File Menu. If you are closing a new file, or a file that has been modified since it was last saved, a dialog will appear prompting you to save the file.

  2. Select YES to save the file automatically. Select NO to continue without saving.

Additional information on File>Close
  • Closing a part window for a part which will remain loaded because of references to it will not prompt the user to save

  • Using File Close function with the file locking option enabled will include a step to save the design file to reclaim unused space and reduce file size

  • Using File Close function will include a step to purge the Undo history of deleted solids and surfaces to reduce file size (internal to the Close operation.)

  • Close All buttons available and will function the same as for single close.

  • If multiple files are to be converted from a previous version Yes to All and No to All buttons are available in the dialog.