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When you open a file, you are actually loading a copy of the file. The original is stored on disk. Saving your file periodically ensures that your latest work is retained.

Below are several file saving tips that should be considered:

  • Save anything you don't want to redo.

  • Save as often as makes sense for you. If you are completing a complex piece with very detailed modifications, you may want to save every five to ten minutes, while you might work on creating an initial sketch or an idea for as long as 20 minutes before saving it.

  • Save a file before you print or make major modifications to it.

  • When you save a file, the file remains open on your screen so you can continue to work.

Using the Function:

  1. Select Save from the File Menu. The Save As dialog appears. image\FILE_saveas_dialog.gif

  2. Enter a name for the file in the File Name box. Any three-character alphanumeric file name extension can be used. When a file is saved without an extension, it will be saved with the default, .CKD.

  3. Select the drive or directory to save the part in.

  4. Click OK. Once you have saved a file, save additional changes by selecting Save. Because the file has already been named, it will be saved under that same name.


When a design file is saved, the system mode (Layout or Model) that was active when you saved it is saved as well. Additionally, whenever a design file is loaded, it will open in the mode that was active when it was last saved.