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The Print Preview option allows you to view, or preview, the area of the file you intend to print/plot. This is helpful in that it provides you with an estimation of what the final print/plot result will be.


Using the Function:

  1. Select Print Preview from the File Menu.

  2. The Print dialog box appears. This dialog requires that you select the print/plot device to use. Select a device.

  3. The Print Setup Options dialog then appears. Configure the Setup options as you would like, then choose OK.

  4. Position the paper preview using the options in the Conversation Bar. Note that you can use the Skip option to automatically center the paper.


  1. The Preview of the part then appears. Use the options available at the top of the window to adjust the print preview.

  • Print - When selected, the part will be printed immediately using the device you had selected.

  • Zoom In -When selected, the preview is magnified to enlarge the part.

  • Zoom out -When selected, the magnification of the preview is decreased, thus making the part smaller.

  • Close - Select this to close the preview and return to the viewport.


Preview Window: