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Location: Edit>Links

This feature allows you to edit or update the links of a linked OLE object. This function is only available if there is at least one linked OLE object in the current document.


Dialog Options:

The Links dialog box appears when Links is selected from the Edit Menu. The options in the dialog allow you to interact with the linked object and modify its relationship to its host document, the Design File.

Update Now

This setting allows you to manually update the link after you've edited it. This allows you to force an update of any linked OLE objects. Use this option when Update is set to Manual.

Open Source

This setting opens the server application so that you can edit the object.

Change Source

This setting displays the Change Source dialog box. It then allows you to select another file to link.

Break Link

This setting breaks the object's link. When prompted, confirm whether or not you want to break the link. Once the link is broken, the object becomes static and cannot be edited by double clicking on it.