Paste Special
KeyCreator \ Edit \ OLE-Functions \ Paste-Special

Location: Edit>Paste Special

The Paste Special feature is available (not grayed out) whenever there is an OLE item on the Windows clipboard. This will allow you to paste an object into the program in a variety of different formats supported by the server application.

Invoking this function will bring up the "Paste Special" dialog box. This dialog gives you the choice of either embedding the object (Paste) or a creating a link to it (Paste Link). A pasted object is always edited in-place upon activation, whereas a linked item is edited in a separate server object window. A checkmark in the Display as Icon box will force the item to be edited out of place anytime the icon is double-clicked upon. This behavior is standard for all OLE objects inserted using the Insert New Object menu option.


Using the Function:

  1. Select Paste Special from the Edit Menu. The Paste Special dialog appears.

  1. Choose the Paste radio button to embed an object. Choose the Paste Link radio button to link an object.

  2. Indicate a format for the object in the list box. The object data is pasted using the specified format.