Tile Horizontally
KeyCreator \ Window \ Tile-Horizontally


Location: Window>Tile Horizontally

The Tile Horizontally option can be used to tile multiple documents one atop another, horizontally. This option is ideal for displaying multiple documents "wide" in content. This option also allows for at least portions of open windows to be fully visible.

Using the Function:

  1. Select Tile Horizontally from the Window Menu.

  2. Any open documents (windows) will be tiled, or stacked, horizontally – one atop another, as shown in the example below. Note in the example that the active window is "NewFile3.ckd [Part1]." If you were to click on either "scraper.ckd [Part1]" or "aircylinder.ckd [Part1]," the file you selected would then become the current active window.



  Above > An example of three open windows arranged using Window>Tile Horizontally