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This help section deals with general information on the Kubotek product being used. The information is useful in finding license information, current version, date of install and account information.

Help About Dialog

Kubotek Application type

Lists the exact application installed.

Type- KeyCeator, other types include Spectrum, Validate, Key Markup...

Release- the major release designation, here listed as 2012 (past versions include 2011, 10, 9, 8...)

Release Version- this breaks down into Major (V11 listed above), update releases during product cycle (the .5 designation listed above) and any minor releases to the update (the .o above signifies no minor releases during this .5 update.)

Build- The exact development build of the product, listed above as build (1621.)

This is useful when searching for upgrades to current products and troubleshooting issues with our support personal.

License Level

Since there can be many levels to a given Kubotek product a listing of the currently installed level is given here. Each level has a unique code (listed above SV=Keycreator standard translators + CATIA V5 translators and NC3 indicates 3D machining capabilities.) The numbers in parenthesis indicate the last build date license support (after this date no new builds will be supported by the install.)

More Button

This will list individual build numbers for key component of the Kubotek product in use. This can be useful when troubleshooting any issues with the product (use Copy to copy the information to the Windows clip board so it can be Edit>Paste into documents or emails.)

Date Stamp

Signifies the date of install of this application on the computer.


Lists the unique  account number generated for each customer. A large company will have a unique account number that will typically list a primary contact and many additional contacts for the given account. The account number is needed in order to use our Customer Portal (contact name, account number and password ) and communicating with support or sales.

Serial Number

This is a unique identifier which is linked to the account (helps track a purchase.)

Hardware I.D.

This is a generated code that the license is locked to for a given install.

Expiration Date

This is the date of expiration for use of the given product as designated by the contract terms.


Affiliated Kubotek Support center

The designated point of contact for any issues or questions on a given Kubotek product (in the U.S. this would be the U.S.A. support center.)