Unigraphics Import Options Dialog
KeyCreator \ File \ Import \ Unigraphics-Import \ Unigraphics-Import-Options-Dialog

The following settings are available from the Unigraphics Import Options dialog. Click the RESET button to restore all the settings in this dialog to their default configuration. When you have finished making your selections in the dialog box, click OK.

Dialog Options:


Layers to be Imported

Like KeyCreator, a Unigraphics part file may contain multiple layers (levels) and each layer may contain several entities. Each layer also has a visibility flag (visible or invisible) assigned to it

  • All Layers (Default) - When selected, entities from all the layers in the file are imported

  • Visible Layers Only - When selected, only entities from the visible layers in the file are imported

Import Blanked (Hidden) Entities from Imported Layers

When checked ON (checked OFF by default), all blanked (hidden) entities on the selected layers are also imported.

Read Free Curves

When selected, free curves/wireframe geometry will be imported from the Unigraphics file.

Directory Location of Parts Referenced by Assembly

Choose which method best fits the import of referenced files into the import process.