Parasolid Import Options Dialog
KeyCreator \ File \ Import \ Parasolid-Import \ Parasolid-Import-Options-Dialog

The following settings are available from the Parasolid Import Options dialog. When you have finished making your selections in the dialog box, click OK on the dialog.


Dialog Options:


Scaling Options for Geometry Translated from Parasolid File
  • Scale Geometry to Current Part’s Units – When selected, the geometry in the file to be imported will be scaled to the units of measurement in the current part.

  • Apply Specified Scale To Geometry – When selected, you will be able to specify a scale value in the editable field. This scale is then applied to the imported geometry.

  • Ignore Units Mismatch – When selected, a mismatch of units between the import file and the current part will be ignored.

  • Change Current Part’s Units to Meters and Change Modeling Tolerances – When selected, the units of the current part will be changed to meters, and the modeling tolerances will update accordingly.


  • Clean Parasolid Model Prior to Translation – When selected, if there are problems in the part, KeyCreator attempts to fix these.