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Through the Directories dialog page, you can specify a path for each directory to better suit your specific directory structure.


 NOTE: Any changes made to the dialog settings will take effect immediately after the OK button is selected.

Dialog Options:

Using the Dialog:

1      Click on the Directories page in the Set Configuration Options dialog box.  The Directories page appears.

2      Select the subdirectory in the list that you want to check the default path of.

3      The path of the highlighted subdirectory appears in the top text box.

4      Choose the browse button to select a new default path for the selected directory from the Browse for Folder dialog. 

5      Instead of using the browse button, you can type a new path in the text box (above directories window).  You must use an existing directory in the path.

6      If you elect to browse for a directory path, the Browse for Folder dialog will appear.