Entity Attributes
KeyCreator \ File \ Properties \ Entity-Attributes

The Entity Attributes pane contains the display settings allow you to customize the colors of your display for each part. The color palette is also available from this dialog.


Dialog Options:

Mode Specific Settings

These settings control the default value of the basic entity attribute system settings when a part is opened.

  • Color -The color of newly created entities.

  • Pen -The pen number assigned to newly created entities (useful when printing or plotting)

  • Style -The display style of the wireframe entities and edges of new entities (continuous, dashed, etc.).

  • Width -The display width in pixels of the wireframe entities and edges of new entities.

  • Polyline Fill - The color that will be used to fill any new filled polyline entities.

Entity Color Palette
  •  Used to define the mapping between entity color number and the RGB value for entities that use that color number.