Grid and Snap
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Grid and Snap functionality can be used to control the movement of your cursor so that it snaps a distance that you specify. A grid is a set of points that crisscross the display at 90 degree angles. Snap affects the increment of cursor movement.

Using Grid and Snap with Position Snap:

  • Grid Snap is only active while in the Cursor mode of the Universal Position Menu and when asked for a cursor position, generally with a drag box or rubber band.

  • Position Snap overrides Grid Snap when it is active. When Position Snap is active, click on the CTRL key to activate Grid Snap, essentially overriding Position Snap. When Grid Snap is active, click on the CTRL key to activate Position Snap.

  • The settings for Position Snap are session wide.

  • The settings for Grid Snap (and the Grid itself) are specific to the mode. The settings can vary from part to part, and from layout to layout. This is because the grid and snap spacing and alignment can vary based on the size of the model.

  • There are two methods by which the program can be configured so that you can toggle between Grid Snap and Position Snap using the CTRL key. Both methods are explained below.

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