KeyCreator \ Modify \ Topology \ Imprint

Location: Modify>Topology>Imprint

Use the Imprint function to imprint a body with the projection of a curve. In a sense, you are creating new edges on an existing body, which represent one of the following intersections:

  • Project curves onto a solid

  • Intersect solid with a plane

  • Intersect two solids

Using the Function:

  1. Select Imprint from the Modify>Topology submenu.

  2. The Imprint Curves onto a Solid dialog appears (see above). Configure the dialog settings where necessary.

  3. Select the body to be imprinted.

  4. Choose the method for the projection vector from the button options that appear on the Conversation Bar.

  5. Select the curve to project.

Dialog Options:

When Imprint is selected from the Modify>Topology submenu, the Imprint Curves onto a Solid Dialog appears.

Project curves onto a solid Example

This option projects selected curves onto the surface of an existing solid. The curves can then be used as starting points for additional modifications to the body.

Below >

Imprint text onto the face of a solid. The Cplane is set to the top face of the block and the text note was created using the create as geometry option. In the imprint dialog the Pep2Pln projection vector was used to pick the top face with a base position on the text. Window selecting the text and choosing Accept completes the process. Verify the scribe by moving the solid block and not the curves are mow part of the block.


The new edges can be used as foundation curves for new solids. In the example above, if you used the curve on the top face of the cube as the path for a Sweep body, then subtracted that body from the cube using Boolean Difference, the path would be etched into the cube. When this modified solid is shaded using Render with Wireframe, it would look like the block below.


Project Curves onto Faces

Use this option to project curves onto any number of solid faces, the projection can imprint across solid bodies. Select the faces to imprint onto, define the vector direction with the vector selection options and choose the curve to project. If the curve fails to project onto a given face a dialog will prompt 'yes' to continue operation on the remaining faces or choose 'no' to exit the operation.


Intersect solid with a plane

This option will imprint curves where a selected plane intersects a solid body. Select the body, and then select a plane created with one of the Create Plane options. The faces are split where the intersection edges are created.

If you wish only to create the intersection curves without altering the body, instead use Generate Slice between Plane and Solid.

Intersect two solids 

This option will imprint edges representing the location where two bodies intersect. The edges representing the intersection curves will be created on both of the selected bodies.

NOTE: If you wish only to create the intersection curves without altering the bodies, use Generate Intersection Slice between two Solids.