Create Sphere Dialog Options
KeyCreator \ Create \ Primitive-Solid \ Sphere \ Create-Sphere-Dialog-Options

The following settings are contained within the Create Sphere dialog box.


Dialog Options:


Create By

Chose a method by which the sphere is to be created.

  • Radius - When selected, you are prompted to enter a radius value. The sphere will be created based upon this value.

  • Key In - Type the radius of the sphere in the text box. After you click OK, the Position Menu allows you to define the center position of the sphere.

  • Two Points - Use the Position Menu twice to define the endpoints of the diameter of the sphere.

  • Three Points - Use the Position Menu three times to define random points on the circumference of the sphere. The outer shell of the sphere will pass through all three points.

  • Center and Point - Use the Position Menu to define the center of the sphere, then a position to define the radius. The displacement between the points is used as the radius.

  • Select Base - Select a arc or circle entity to define the sphere. The radius and center of the circular entity will be used as the radius and center of the sphere.

  • Sketch - This option uses the mouse to define the center and radius of the sphere. The two positions digitized are used as in Two Points above, but the Position Menu is bypassed in defining the points.