Create Torus Dialog Options
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The following settings are contained within the Create Torus dialog.


Dialog Options:

Create By

Chose a method by which the torus is to be created.

  • Key In - Input the dimensions of the minor and major radii on the menu.

  • Sketch - Use the mouse to digitize the center of the torus first, then the dimension of the major radius, then the minor radius.


Indicate the parameter by which the radius is defined. Note that both parameter options will be grayed out when Create By>Sketch is selected.

  • Major Radius - Indicate the major radius value.

  • Minor Radius - Indicate a value for the minor radius.


The options in the Axis section determine how the axis for the height dimension of the torus is defined.

  • Use Cplane Z Axis - The height dimension will be measured along the current construction plane z-axis.

  • Select - Using select will require that you define the axis by one of the following options: 2 Points, Line, Vector, Tangent, Prp2Pln, and Key In.