Planar Wire Offset Dialog Options
KeyCreator \ Create \ Advanced-Spline \ Planer-Wire-Offset \ Planar-Wire-Offset-Dialog-Options

The options available from the Planar Wire Offset dialog box are explained below.


Dialog Options:


Offset Distance

Enter an offset distance. This is the distance at which the offset will be created.

Number of Copies

Indicate the number of copies to be made.


There are two methods to choose the planar set of curves to offset:

  • Planar Profile - Select individual curves that comprise the set. The entity Selection Menu will allow to you to choose the curves.

NOTE: All curves must be lines, arcs, conics, or splines. The order of selection is unimportant. The entire set must lie on a plane. The ends must join to form a continuous chain. (If the ends do not meet, you can use Create Blended Spline to bridge the gap.) The set does not have to be closed.

  • Edges of Planar Face - Select the boundary of face of an existing body to offset.

Once you have selected the curves to offset, two vectors are presented on the screen to allow you to choose the offset direction. If the offset enlarges a convex corner of two curves, the corner will be smoothly blended with an arc on the offset curve set.