Chamfer Vertex
KeyCreator \ Create \ Solid-Feature \ Chamfer \ Chamfer-Vertex

Location: Create>Solid Feature>Chamfer>Chamfer Vertex

Use this feature to apply a chamfer to the vertices of a solid body. All edges that terminate at each selected vertex will be chamfered. The vertex is the point of intersection of lines.


Dialog Options:


Input a Length for the chamfer in the dialog. When you click on the OK button you will be prompted to select the vertices for the chamfer.

Chamfer Edges that Converge at Selected Vertices

Controls if edges that converge on the selected vertex should be chamfered or not. If this checkbox is enabled, the following options are available:

  • Chamfer along smoothly joined edges - Select when you need to blend connected edges that continue smoothly (no abrupt change in tangent) from the selected edges.

  • Preview Chamfer -  If this checkbox is selected, the chamfer will be previewed and you will be prompted to accept it before it is actually applied to the model.

Do Interference Checking

Allows for the ability to check for features that might interfere with the path of the chamfer surface and allows the blend to complete properly despite the interference. Interference's such as holes, protrusions or other geometric features normally would cause the chamfer to fail or to complete but cause a self-intersecting solid. Enabling this checkbox prevents self-intersections from occurring and allows the chamfer to complete properly.

Using the Function:

  1. Select Chamfer Vertex from the Chamfer>Solid Chamfer submenu.

  2. The Chamfer Vertices dialog appears (see above). Configure the available dialog settings, and click OK.

  3. Select the body.

  4. Select the vertices.


Below > The result of a vertex chamfer applied to the same block. Chamfer Vertex was used with a Radius of .5. The vertex indicated with the point was selected after clicking OK on the menu. The modified block is shown in on the right.