Surface Curve Grid Dialog Options
KeyCreator \ Create \ Advanced-Spline \ Surface-Grid \ Surface-Curve-Grid-Dialog-Options

When Surface Curve Grid is selected from the Create>Advanced Splines submenu, the following dialog appears.


Dialog Options:


Curve Options
  • U Curves – When selected, U Curves will be used. U Curves are curves of constant U parameter which travel in the V direction.

  • V Curves – When selected, V Curves will be used. V Curves are curves of constant V parameter and travel in the U direction.

Curve Spacing Method
  • UV Grid – When selected, the surface will be covered with a uniform grid of flowline curves. Enter the U and or V densities for the grid count in the appropriate input fields. Use this method to create an NxM grid of flowline curves on a surface.

  • Chord Height Tolerance – When selected, the flowline curves will be distributed over the surface according to a chord height tolerance that you specify.

  • Knot Points of BSpline Surface – When selected, the curves will be created at the knot points (also known as node points), or patch boundaries of a BSpline surface.

  • At Position on Surface – When selected, individual U or V flowlines will be created at a specified position on the surface. The indicated position is projected onto the surface and the flowlines passing through this position are generated.

Just Draw the Curves Temporarily

When selected, the vectors will only appear temporarily. That is, they will disappear as soon as you select another surface, or select BACKUP or ESCAPE. They remain under Immediate Mode Commands so that you are able to use the View features (Zoom, Pan, etc).