SAT Export Options Dialog
KeyCreator \ File \ Export \ SAT-Export \ SAT-Export-Options-Dialog

The SAT Export Options dialog appears when OPTIONS is selected from the Export ACIS SAT File dialog.  The settings contained in this dialog are explained below.

Dialog Options:


This pull-down list can be used to choose the version of ACIS you wish to use when writing the SAT/SAB file.  This is important if you are exporting SAT files for use in systems with earlier ACIS versions. 

Indicate Exported Solid Geometry Base Location

If checked, you will be prompted to select the origin for the entities to be exported.  Unchecked the default origin (0,0,0) will be used.

Export Entities Relative to Active Construction Plane

When checked the export will locate all entities relative to the currently active construction plane regardless of there current orientation.

Export Planes and Vectors as Burst Wireframe Geometry

When selected all defined Plane and Vector entities will convert to simple wireframe geometry (lines and polylines).