Fastener Setup
KeyCreator \ Tools \ Fastener \ Fastener-Setup

Each Fastener dialog box contains a Setup tab that can be used to configure the feature.


Dialog Options:


Create as Fastener Object

Specify whether the fastener will be created as individual entities or as a single fastener object.

Create as not sectionable

Checked on will set the structural shape or mechanical element in a 'not to be sectioned' mode in any model mode or Layout Section operation. This mode can be set here or in the Edit\ Entities\ Set Not Sectionable and can be toggled on\off in Edit\ Generic Edit\ Rendering.

Remove Leading Zeros

Choose whether or not to have the leading zeros removed from the lists by using the Remove Leading Zeros check box.

ISO Drafting Practice

Choose whether or not to enable the ISO Drafting Practice feature, which activates a function that follows the ISO rules for thread depth representation.

Size Options

Select a Size Option. This option affects the list of standard sizes. You can select from three size options:

  • Partnum - Lists sizes by part number, as they appear in the fastener database.

  • Decimal - Lists sizes in decimal notation.

  • Fraction - Lists sizes in fractional notation.

Length Options

Select a Length Option. This option affects the list of standard lengths. (This option will not appear for nuts and washers since they do not have lengths associated with them.) There are three options from which to choose:

  • Dash - Lists lengths by the dash number, which can accompany a part number, as listed in the database.

  • Decimal - Lists lengths in decimal notation.

  • Fraction - Lists lengths in fractional notation.

Each dialog also includes Attributes tabs that can be used to specify standard options such as display color, line weight, and level for each component of the fastener.