Create Pipe Dialog Options
KeyCreator \ Create \ Swept-Solid \ Create-Pipe-Dialog-Options

When Pipe is selected from the Create>Sweep menu, the Create Pipe dialog box is displayed. Through this dialog, you are able to specify a pipe standard (standard structural shapes) Outside diameter, Inside Diameter, wall thickness , and whether or not to Chain select pipe centerline curves.


Dialog Options:

Outside Diameter

The Outside Diameter will determine how large or small the diameter of the outside pipe wall will be.

Inside Diameter

The Inside Diameter is the diameter of the the inside pipe cavity. The value you specify for the Inside Diameter would effect this cavity.

Wall Thickness

An alternative to the I.D.  would be to input a wall thickness (which would drive the I.D. value or vise versa.)

Chain Select Pipe Centerline Curves

The pipe centerline curves must exist prior to using this function. A single curve may be selected at the prompt, or a chain of curves may be selected if the Chain select checkbox is enabled. The chain of curves does not need to be coplanar, but if any curve is a spline, it must be a planar spline. Also, the chain of curves does not need to meet smoothly as sharp corners are handled automatically.