Light Direction
KeyCreator \ View \ Light Direction \ Light-Direction

Location: View>Render>Light Direction

The Light Direction function allows you to control the direction of light shining on a shaded model to give the effect you desire. The function lets you change the light direction either by entering values in the X, Y or Z fields on the Camera Light dialog, or by moving the "modifier" with the mouse. Then click Accept on the Conversation bar to apply. (Moving along the x-axis always moves in the horizontal direction, moving along the y-axis always moves in the vertical direction, and moving along the z-axis always moves in the depth-direction.)

Using the Function:

  1. Click View>Render>Light Direction. The Camera Light dialog appears and the modifier appears in the viewport, both of which are illustrated below. Buttons appear on the Conversation bar, including the Accept button.


  1. To produce the desired light on the model, enter values in the X, Y or Z field on the Camera Light dialog (or use the slide bar), or move the modifier in the viewport with the mouse.

  2. Click Accept.