Printer Calibration
KeyCreator \ Tools \ Options \ Print-Plot \ Printer-Calibration

Location: Tools>Options>Print/Plot>Default>Calibration

Use the options in this pane to make precise adjustments to the size of printed output. These setting provide a means to compensate for variations in the dimensions of printouts from different printers.

Dialog Options:

Create a rectangle sized to fit the desired paper dimensions (e.g. a 7” x 7” rectangle for  8.5” x 11” size paper ) and print it out at a scale of 1.0.  Measure the printed output and compare it to the model dimensions.

Enter the model dimensions and the printed output dimensions in the provided input fields.  The values can be in any units as long as the same units are used for both dimensions.

Be sure when you print the test sheets that your print scale *General_Print_Configuration is set to 1.0 as opposed to ”r;Auto.”