KeyCreator \ Modify \ Topology \ Unstitch

Location: Modify>Topology>Unstitch

Use the Unstitch function to unstitch a face from a body. When the Unstitch option is used, the face can be manipulated like any other body. If you want to recombine it back into the original body, you can use the Stitch function.

This function can fill any gaps left by the unstitched face. This seemingly simple routine has far reaching implications. Entire features can be unstitched from a solid body and the body can be healed back into a good solid definition. This means that you can remove fillets or blends from a model using this feature.

Face colors from solid/sheet body being unstitched migrate to the unstitched entity. As with migration of attributes at the solid/sheet level, face colors only migrate if the Modify>Break options in Tools>Options>Entities is set to Use entity attributes.

Note that iIt is important to save a backup copy of any models you attempt to unstitch. Try not to leave any embedded faces floating in the healed body. This will produce contaminated models.

Using the Function:

  1. Select Unstitch from the Modify>Topology submenu.

  2. The Unstitch Faces dialog appears. Configure the dialog settings and click OK.

  3. Select the face(s) or solids/sheet bodies (depending on which was specified in the dialog) to be unstitched.

Dialog Options:

Entity to Unstitch

Specify the entity type to unstitch. The following types can be selected: Faces of Solids/Sheet Bodies and Solids and/or Sheet Bodies.

Edit Type

Specify whether to unhook, copy or delete the selected object.

Unstitch Result

Select an unstitch result. The following results can be selected: One Body per Face and Single Body for Each Connected Face Set.


Above > The model will easily heal back into a solid block after the floor, wall, and edge fillet have been removed.